Learn about using BackupBank below.

Learn how to configure the plugin, activate pro licenses and more.

  • How Much Does BackupBank Pro Cost?

    BackupBank for Wordpress is at $25.00 per year for one WordPress site.

  • What does BackupBank Pro Offer?

    BackupBank Pro provides you with the ability to backup your site to Google Cloud Storage and additional configuration controls.

  • Installation of the free plugin

    1. Login to your WordPress WP-Admin area as an Administrator.
    2. Click on "Plugins → Add New" in the left hand menu.
    3. Search for "BackupBank" in the keyword search.
    4. Click "Install Now" next to the BackupBank plugin.

  • Installation of the Pro plugin

    1. After purchasing your license, download the Pro Plugin from your Dashboard.
    2. Upload the Zip file to your plugins directory: wp-content/plugins/
    3. Unzip the zip file. It should create a folder called BackupBank_Pro
    4. Navigate to your WordPress Admin area to activate the plugin
  • Activating The Plugin

    1. Navigate to the "Plugins → Installed Plugins" section (in the left hand admin menu of WordPress).
    2. Click "Activate" next to the BackupBank plugin.

  • Configure the Plugin

    BackupBank creates a link in the admin menu of WordPress. This is a shortcut to your plugin options. You may access the plugin settings via this menu item, or by clicking the "Settings" link beneath the BackupBank plugin item in the Plugin section of WordPress.

    1. Toggle the "Backup Enabled" switch to "ON"
    2. The plugin provides the option of running backups Nightly or Weekly. Please choose the appropriate schedule for your needs.
    3. Add your SFTP / SCP or Google Cloud Storage Bucket name & Authentication JSON ( See the FAQ for information on creating this file )
    4. Click the “Update” button.

    Nightly means that the plugin initiates a backup at 12:00am each morning.

    Weekly means the plugin initiates a backup at 12:00am every 7 calendar days.


    Be sure to add the wp-cron.php to your local cron configuration. Neglecting to do so will result in a degraded performance of your website and backups at unscheduled times. Read more on WordPress's website

    * */15 * * * wget --delete-after http://[ ]/wp-cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    Additional, add the following line to your wp-config.php:

    define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);
  • How do I setup wp-cron.php to run my backups?

    Be sure to add the wp-cron.php to your local cron configuration.

    * */15 * * * wget --delete-after http://[ ]/wp-cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    Additional, add the following line to your wp-config.php:

    define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);
  • Backing up to SFTP/SCP

    Our free plugin provides SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy) as backup destinations. This option requires you to supply the following data points:

    SFTP / SCP Host - Your hostname is generally your domain name. Please refer to your hosting provider's info.
    SFTP / SCP Username - Your username is usually provided by your host, or created by you in your hosting admin panel
    SFTP / SCP Password - Much like your username, the FTP password is created by your host, or configured in your hosting admin.
    SFTP / SCP Folder Path - This is optional, and allows you to direct your backup to a specific location on your host.
    Press the Save/Update button

  • How do I purchase a Pro account?

    Registering on our website will provide you will the ability to purchase an annual license for your plugin.

    Once you have registered you will have access to your Dashboard
    Use the "Purchase Your Backup License" input to add in your WordPress URL
    Press the purple "Create License" button
    Enter your purchasing information on our secure form
    Your license will be activated and available for you to copy and paste into our plugin.

  • Where is my license key? (Pro Users)

    You can locate your license key in your account section of this website. Your license key ensures your plugin is able to use the pro features.

    Access your account section (my account)
    You will see your Active License keys listed by domain
    Copy your license key and paste it into our plugin field "Add License Key (Pro Users)" and hit the purple "Activate Button"

  • Backing up to Google Cloud (Pro Users)

    Step 1: Be sure that the user you're using has the permission "Storage Object Admin" or "Storage Admin" on the IAM page. If they do not, create a new Service Account.

    Then grant access via a new IAM on the IAM page enabling "Storage Object Admin" or "Storage Admin".

    Step 2: Google provides documentation on how to generate a JSON authentication file on the Cloud Website:

    Step 3: Our plugin provides two fields for inputting this information:

    Bucket Name: This is where your Google Cloud data will be store. Find the name in your Google Cloud account.
    JSON File: This is also in your Google Cloud account and will inform our plugin where to submit your data. Paste in your JSON code into the JSON field of our plugin.

  • Backing up to Dropbox (Pro Users)

    1. Login to your Dropbox account and create an App: App Console
    2. Give access to the entire Dropbox account or just the App Folder; whichever you choose.
    3. Copy your "App Key" and "App Secret" from the App Console and paste into the plugin settings. Click "Save / Update".
    4. Navigate to the authorization link found in the plugin.
    5. Copy the Token generated and paste into the plugin settings. Click "Save / Update".

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