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Use BackupBank to securely backup your WordPress website with ease. Leverage our free plugin to schedule transfers via SFTP/SCP - Or our Pro version for Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, and more.

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BackupBank is a simple backup plugin for your WordPress website(s) that offers SFTP/SCP backups for free.

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Our free SFTP/SCP solution provides secure storage for your site backups, giving you peace of mind that your WordPress website is safe and sound. Upgrade to Pro if you want to backup to Google Cloud Storage or Dropbox.


Google Cloud

Upgrade to Pro for even more storage options with Google Cloud Storage & Dropbox, enhanced configuration options, plus backup notifications to ensure maximum protection.

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Plugin Options

Simple Retention Policy

Use our plugin to retain 5 or 10 copies on the free version, or granular selection up to 100 backup copies on the Pro plan. Either plan automatically removes your old WordPress website backups, even when there's other files / backups stored in the same destination.

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In under three clicks with our plugin, you can rest easily knowing your website is backed up safely.



Backup your WordPress website data without any database management or complicated settings.



Run your WordPress backups on scheduled intervals based on your needs.

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